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One in a million

MAKE OVER-´One in a million´
Want to know how you get your doll looking pretty in pink?
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 -The Look

Pink Apricot Blush from Dotz
Price: 8 SD

Pink Apricot Lipstick from Dotz
Price: 8 SD

Pink Apricot Eyepencil from Dotz
Price: 4 SD

Royal White Eyeliner from Dotz
Price: 2 SD

Lengthing Mascara from Dotz ( In Black )
Price: 2 SD

Lengthing Mascara  from Dotz
Price: 3 SD

                                                                                                                                   MODEL: Ilayda.Sd


1) Using the Royal White Eyeliner I lined the inner corners of her eyes

 2) Next  I took the Cashmere Rose Eyepencil and just put it over the lined eyes

 3) Using both Lengthing Mascara  and Lengthing Mascara i just put the mascara over her eyes ( Bottom and top eyelashes)


For her lips I just used the Pink Apricot Lipstick to go with
her eyes, it gives a nice wow factor in the lips and is nice if you dont like very dark lipstick

For the cheeks I used the Cashmere Rose Blush to compliment her eyes and lips so
1) brush the blush on the side of her cheeks to make an illusion of higher cheekbones

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