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The Beauty In Your Eyes

MAKE OVER-´The Beauty In Your Eyes´
Want to know how to have the perfect purple smokey eyes for your doll?
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                                -The Look

Midnight Black Shadow from Dotz
Price: 6 SD

Bright Purple Eyeshadow from Dotz
Price: 6 SD

Grass Green Eyeshadow from Dotz
Price: 6 SD



                                                                                                                                                                           MODEL: aidaomri


1) Using the Bright Purple Eyeshadow, brush the   Eyeshadow into her crease. Layer it on about 3 times  depending on how dark you want it.

 2) Next take the Grass Green Eyeshadow and put one layer of it over the Bright Purple Eyeshadow.

 3) With the  Midnight Back Eyeshadow, Brush it into the outter corner of her eye.

 ( Sorry this is not the neatest tutorial, I was in a rush!)

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